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Calton Street League

Tuesday 10th March........Award ceremony takes place on this night at 8pm.   , in the pitch located at the side of St. James primary school in Green Street Calton Glasgow G40 2TF.   The Calton players of the year 2004 will be presented with their awards by a noted footballing personality ( ME) ,only joking.

Seriously though, the evenings event will be recorded on digital video. So turn up on the night if you are interested in finding out who the Calton player of the year 2004 will be.

  • The main purpose of the "Calton Street League", is first and foremost, to re-gain the use of the "Pitch" sited next to St. James' Primary school,  Green Street , Calton, in Glasgows' East-End.
  • The "Pitch" has been  un-useable during the winter months ,due to the floodlights being "out of action" since before the new Millenium.
  • The  "C.S.L"  have  been granted funding to stage a football  tourney for a total of " 36 hrs of floodlight" ,  9 nights of football ,played over 3 weeks ,  during the months of Feb/March .( with 2 hrs on the 10th of Feb. 2004, to stage a Press/Photo night).
  • The "Tourney" shall be Know as the 1 st. Official " Calton Player of the Year"


               '1st. Official'

   Calton Player of the Year


  • Tournament   "Launch". Tues.10th February  2004  ,7pm/9pm. at the pitch next to St. James primary in Green St. Calton Glasgow. This night will be used to highlight the needs of " Calton Street Football" , with the assistance of David Hayman of "Spirit Aid", a Humanitarian  charity, based in King St. Glasgow.                              
  • Tues. 17th Feb...6pm/10pm.. The Tourney begins.  .6pm /under 10s. .....7pm./.under 13s.....8pm./under 16s....9pm/. under "65s".
  • Wed.18th and 19th of February same kick off times apply.
  • The " Tourney" continues on the following dates
  • 24th/25th/26th of February between 6 pm till 10 pm.
  • 2nd/3rd/4th of March, between 6pm till 10 pm.

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The original "Calton" coat of Arms.

The Tourney has begun 17/02/04. For Tournament up-dates , please click on the dates listed on the "sidebar menu" .

Calling all Caltonians ....and friends of Calton .

 The Calton needs you . If you can help enhance the state of Calton football, or wish to take part in the
"Calton Player of the Year 2004"
please contact :

Gary Barton .  c/o 143 London Rd. Calton. Glasgow.G1 5BS

Ph. 07958407514....
or e-mail .